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We were an organization from 9/8/2015 to 5/9/2017. 

We were a group who encouraged the homeless to take responsibility as individuals and as a community.  Our goal was to see a reduction in crime and to discourage unseemly behavior (sleeping, swearing, spitting, pan handling, etc.) near Pioneer Park and The Gateway/Rio Grande.
We tried to shield the extremely vulnerable who couldn't stand up for themselves. The issues needed to be contained and controlled so that the weak ones were protected from harm. We were not a service organization, but we helped people get in touch with the right people or organization.
 We realized that "homelessness" was a complex problem, and we thought that together we could make individual situations better by degrees. We worked together with law enforcement and service organizations and used existing resources available for people in need.
We tried to have realistic plans based on individual problems. The unfortunate fact is that some members of the society did not want anything to change. Fear based behavior was common among this group since their issues were localized and visible.
We wanted residents to take better care of themselves and each other. We wanted them to be able to take pride in their community as they reached out to one another. They needed to have a voice in their community. 
We agreed that negative internal and external perception (an example is the term "homeless") was the main problem. In order for people to do better, we thought they needed to feel better about themselves and their situations. They needed hope in order to try.
 The “top down” approach was used to deal with the homeless problem in recent years. The Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club believed that throwing more resources and money at the problem was only exacerbating the situation. Our goal was to help the community heal from the bottom up.
There were many different types of visitors from politicians and police officers to artists and students in attendance at club meetings. Most importantly, we had first-hand input from people in the homeless community 

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Was a bimonthly publication which was by and for the Rio Grande Homeless Community . This newsletter was supported by The Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club and edited by Gloria Red Bear. 

Street Tai Chi

Salt Lake City Public Library

210 East 400 South

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