Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club                                                            Minutes 1/12/2016

John Shannon, SLCMCC President

Charlotte Mates, SLCMCC Vice President

Lauren Smith, SLCMCC Secretary

Barbara Taylor, SLCMCC Treasurer

Carl Spitzmacher, SLCMCC Chief Researcher

Paul Cato, SLCMCC, SLCMCC Sergeant at Arms

Camille Winnie, Downtown Alliance

David Holbrook, Member of SLCMCC

Note on minutes: Previous week’s action items present in agenda from now on

Minutes accepted

Treasurer’s report: $16.00

Action Items:

Barbara to follow up with Camille Winnie about GED classes at the Weigands cente

Done. This is Camille’s pet project and she will follow through when she contacts the appropriate person

Carl to follow up with “Community Action” group and to talk to George Kein (community outreach for VOA)

Not yet done, carry over to next week

Brad to work with Char, Nate R. and Cato about getting together a needs assessment

Brad not here this week. Char has meeting with Lana Dalton on Tuesday of next week and with Nate on Monday at 3:00

Char to find out if there is a homeless rep from Jackie’s office who will come to our meetings

Char approached Patrick Leary. Future representative is unknown but Liz Buehler is currently homeless service coordinator.

Bernie and Marita to find out if van is available for “Tools” project

not here, carry over to next week

Lauren to get member list and post on website

Done. John Shannon, Charlotte Mates, Lauren Smith, Barbara Taylor, Sherome Bradshaw (“Romey”), Peggy Hostetter, Catherine Birch, Rebecca Henshaw, Avis LaRay, Bernie Hart, Marita Hart, Bal Maler (“Friday”), Gina Cross, Jacob Yardley, Susan Terry, Brad Weischedel

Lauren to follow up with Road Home and Camille Winnie about women’s group

In progress, I borrowed the book “Bridges out of Poverty” from Camille and I am in the process of reading it.

Lauren to post Cato’s business plan

I left an email for Bernie to get a copy

Lauren to post “Tools” preface


Follow up with Gail Miller, Dr. John to do this (?)

Carl to research “shelter the homeless” and to get a point in time count

New agenda items:

Carl nominated for chief researcher, accepted position