Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club                                                            Minutes 1/5/2016

John Shannon, SLCMCC President

Charlotte Mates, SLCMCC Vice President

Lauren Smith, SLCMCC Secretary

Barbara Taylor, SLCMCC Treasurer

Bernie Hart, member SLCMCC,

Marita Hart, member SLCMCC, 

Brad Weischedel, member SLCMCC

Carl Spitzmacher, local resident / chronically homeless

Paul Cato, SLCMCC Sergeant at Arms,

Treasurer’s report: $16.00 on hand

Action Items from last week:

Char to write up outline for “Tools” project

Done, will be posted by Lauren on website next week

Cato to write outline of business plan for low cost bunks, showers & laundry facilities

Done, his mission statement is:” To provide the poor with an affordable and efficient living space”.

Carl to contact Mr. Naeto and Judge Baxter

Done, Carl gave card to Judge Baxter representative, will follow up with Judge Baxter on the 8th at the Weigand Center, Mr Naeto not available at this time.

Minutes accepted with action items

New agenda items:

Cato nominated for “Sergeant at Arms”, appointment accepted

Lauren to begin classes for the Rio Grande Women’s Auxiliary Group. A forum mainly for single moms where they can meet each other, identify leaders and be able to voice their common goals as organizational changes take place.




Action items:

Carl follow up with “Community Action” group

Lauren to contact Road home and Weigand center for classroom time for the Rio Grande Women’s Auxiliary Group

Done. We have been welcomed at the Weigand center and we are waiting for a response at the Road Home

Lauren to add mission statement to agenda


Brad to work with Char and Nate R. and Cato about getting together a needs assessment

Char to find out if there is a homeless rep from Jackie’s office who will come to our meetings

As group, come together to get the “wet shelters” open. Will work with Francis Davis, George Chapman

In progress. Petition started

Lauren to email Barbara Camille’s email information


Bernie and Marita to find out about van.

Carl to invite George to come to meetings