Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Meeting Minutes from The Salt Lake City Marching and Chowder Club                                   10/20/2015 recorded by: Lauren Smith


President, John Shannon;

Vice President, Charlotte Mates;

Secretary, Lauren Smith;

Matthew Melville, Catholic Community Services

They are tracking people with barcoded ID at the Weigand center to reduce the number of repeat consumers. 51 million dollars

We think there is about 51 million dollars a year allocated for the homeless in Utah.

We should ask 2 main questions:

Where is the money going?

Who is the money going to?

They cannot use services at the Weigand Center unless they are documented as homeless

The County and The City are mainly focused on actual placement and not on services

They don’t provide housing at Catholic Community Services

Catholic Community Services have the same funding for 500 people as they did when they began and they were serving 100 people. They are especially in need of a case worker

Violence and drug issues getting worse near The Rio Grande and we want to weed out the people who are not seeking services.

We are looking for ways to encourage people in the homeless community to take ownership and to have pride. John is looking for leaders from each ethnic group and/or religion so that everyone is represented.

We need to get the mothers working hard and leaning on each other

We want them to behave because there are social consequences for misbehavior.

Some people are selling sodas and being productive

Bottom up approach, has anyone attempted it?

Look at Vancouver where they did a census so they knew what types of people are in the homeless community

State Summit on Homeless on November 18th at the Sheraton. “Point in Time Count”

There is a drive up drug trade, and it’s easy for the dealers to hide among the vulnerable

Dennis Kelsch is director in charge of St. Vincents and Weigand Center

Some people find the lifestyle attractive. We want to make it less so.

Many live at baseline to keep getting assistance because the gap between poverty and lower middle class is so small

They all say they want a job, a place to live, etc. but many aren’t doing anything about it

Tuesday meeting, Are we welcome, Matthew to ask Liz Buehler?

Clothing room open 2x a week so that people don’t treat donated clothes as disposable. People can’t do their own wash because the washers and dryers could get broken and they can’t afford to replace them

Bring in art supplies to the Weigand center.  

How can religious groups work together?

One size fits all approach does not work with these individuals any more than it does with the general population.