Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Minutes 10/6/15
Meeting Minutes from The Salt Lake City Marching and Chowder Club                                

recorded by: Lauren Smith


President, John Shannon; 

Vice President, Charlotte Mates;

Secretary, Lauren Smith;

Jonathan Harman, Pioneer Park Coalition

Rodney Morehead, homeless

The “top down” approach has been used to deal with the homeless problem in recent years. Our goal at The Salt Lake City Marching and Chowder Club is to help them heal from the bottom up. Many of these people are extremely vulnerable and can’t stand up for themselves. Some of them are children. The issues need to be contained and controlled so that the weak ones are protected from harm.

We want to encourage them to take better care of themselves and each other. We want them to be able to take pride in their community as they reach out to one another. They need to have a voice. We hope we can help them get that voice.

We encourage the homeless themselves to take pride in their community and to help each other out.

They are prone to addiction and disease.

Pioneer park coalition; what is their stance on helping the homeless (Scott Howell)? Impression is that instead of solving the problems, they want to move the problems away.

Open discussion when we talked about God and listened to Rodney’s gospel music

Rodney: they have made a deal with the devil, God is the only one that can save them. Start when they are young.

Jonathan Harmon joined discussion. He has been out with an infection for several weeks.

Pioneer Park coalition, started January, 2013

Business owners became more aware because no one would lend money due to safety status. The coalition is many businesses working together. They want to work with us because they care about the neighborhood. They are looking for solutions just like we are.Type your paragraph here.