Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Minutes from the Salt Lake City Marching and Chowder Club                                     11/10/15

Minutes taken by Lauren Smith


John Shannon, President SLCMCC,

Lauren Smith, Secretary SLCMCC,

Barbara Taylor, Treasurer SLCMCC,

David Holbrook,

Rebecca Henshaw, homeless individual,

Rodney Morehead, homeless individual

Treasurer Barbara Taylor’s report: After $1.00 collected for Rebecca Henshaw’s membership fee, treasury has $8.00. No withdrawals this week. Treasurer’s report is accepted.

Before accepting last week’s minutes, member Rebecca wanted to clarify her stance on separating the men from the women at the Road Home. She believes that it is a very complicated issue with no easy solution. Although separation would help with abuse between the men and women, it is her opinion that same sex abuse and racial tension would remain problematic and possibly escalate.

Last week’s minutes were accepted

Two Rose initiative: John and I passed out roses to 24 women in the homeless area. They were each given two roses with a little note. The note said to keep one rose and give the other to a stranger that was somehow different from them. We think it went well and we plan to do it again in the future.

We chose women because we hoped appealing to their maternal instincts and their inner beauty might lessen the fear and help them relate to each other better. The children need to have positive role models to build a better future from the ground up. We wanted to offer a gift to those who might not have received flowers in a long time to make them feel valued.

We believe that a shift in morale is the key to calm the savageness and rage present in some members of this community. The only way to begin to shift to a more peaceful atmosphere is by way of strength and love.

We think that if we can get them to act more civilized, they will govern themselves to a greater degree and resolve conflicts from within. Member, Rebecca says that there is already a common bond among many the people because they are experiencing similar issues but that their community rules are different. The rules at the shelter are necessary and help to maintain some semblance of order.

It is Rebecca’s opinion that the only way to understand what is going on is to look closely at the environment to understand the situation. We need an observer who fits in. The truth is that they are not all homeless like the public think. Many of the people in the district are visitors.

There is a subset of this population (both visitors and homeless) who have college degrees and there is resentment among these educated people. This is because the mindset of the general population is that the homeless are all unintelligent criminals which simply isn’t true. The image of this district needs to change.

We should adopt and translate historical success stories. One of the ways to get through to people is through spiritual connection. Charismatic leaders such as Billy Graham and Martin Luther King were able to organize and uplift people, but there are also some major drawbacks to religion and the fact is that people can be led astray. There are times when religion went horribly wrong because religious zealots used faith to mislead followers into cults that made them do terrible things such as the Branch Davidians and the Heaven’s Gate community.

We should focus very little on religious tenets and instead stress the importance that people of all faiths need to come together and treat each other gently and with mercy so that we can all have the possibility to receive the gift of grace.