Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Minutes of the Salt Lake City Marching and Chowder Club                                                    11/17/15

Prepared by Lauren Smith


President, John Shannon;

Secretary, Lauren Smith; 

Member Catherine Birch; 

We had a small, short and less structured club meeting last week.

Somewhat rhetorical question: Why should the homeless have as many (or more) rights as people who are contributing to society?

Why aren’t the people who are receiving services required to identify themselves?

You need to have proof of identity in order to receive minimum wage, yet transients are allowed to slither around the country and are hiding among the weak. Some are hiding from authority and their enemies

Why don’t they have any responsibility?

Should the homeless community members be required to take classes such as carpentry, writing, art, computer programming or in some cases classes such as family building or AA?

Catherine asked a sociology professor to come to a club meeting and she suggested someone at the Road Home (I missed the name, but I will talk to Catherine next meeting).

Questions to ask:

What constitutes a community? What are the features?

What are characteristics of a successful community

How is the behavior of a community influence (community leader)?

How do you change a non-functional community to a functional community

We should find out how the social workers plan to integrate into the homeless community

To keep people from becoming homeless, LDS Church help people pay their rent and they give out clothing vouchers and food allocations. Again, communication among the different faiths is crucial.

Get transients who are interested excited that they can interact with one another and feel better about themselves and their community

Other unanswerable questions:


Why do some people take so much kindness for granted?Why do some people use power in such an abusive way?