Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club


John: What is the underlying cause of homelessness?

Nancy: Poverty

John: This is correct. There are sub factors: drug abuse, personality problems like stealing.

Nancy: Let’s focus on solutions. May I reiterate what ex-mayor Caroom said. In Portland 80% of

homeless related problems disappeared when housing was established.

John: How can the homeless help themselves?

Nancy: By working. Some members of the homeless community are making less than $3.00/hr

for street clean-up.

Lauren: We should advocate for that wage go up. What is minimum wage?

Nancy: Ten dollars hourly.

Other matters:

Free flu shots at the Road Home?

A police officer who Nancy spoke with indicated that a full time security guard on site at the Road Home would be an asset. SLCMCC members were in agreement.

Cameras should be on at all times and footage should be readily available for SLCPD.

If future facilities go ahead as planned, all staff should be trained social workers or students of social work

Future invitees to Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club:

Dennis Kelsch and/or

Matt Melville

Judge Baxter 

John: It would be nice to see The Community Voice back 

Nancy: I would like to know when do we march and where’s the chowder? (Laughter) Maybe we could

have a march with a five dollar fee and provide corn and clam chowder afterwards. Great response.

Homeless awareness rocks, in the meantime we could take a suggestion from John and consider marching in the St Paddy's Day parade again this year.