Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club                                                            Minutes 2/2/2016

John Shannon, SLCMCC President: 

Charlotte Mates, SLCMCC Vice 

Lauren Smith, SLCMCC 

Paul Cato, SLCMCC Sergeant at Arms:

Bernie Hart, member SLCMCC: 

Marita Hart, member SLCMCC: 

Douglas Cotant, local resident: 

Steven Rimmer, Road Home resident: 

Camille Winnie, Downtown Alliance: 

Minutes from last week were read and accepted

Treasurer’s report: Char is acting treasurer, the club has $36.00, $19.00 of which will be returned to Andy Cier.

Action Items:

Action Items:

Carl to write 1 page about “Community Action” group

Carl not here this week. Carry over to next week

Brad to work with Char, Nate R., Cato and Lana Dalton about getting together a needs assessment

Meeting postponed until February 22nd. Carry over to next week

Char to find out if there is a homeless rep from Jackie’s office who will come to our meetings

Still unknown, Liz Buehler is currently Homeless Service Coordinator and Nate Salazar is Community Liaison.

Lauren to follow up with Camille Winnie about women’s group

Done. I will be conducting group every Tuesday at 3pm in the classroom at the Weigands Center beginning this Tuesday.




Bernie, Marita and Carl to research and report information about Home Inn

Done. Addressed by Camille Winnie

Home Inn is run by a private business that has single room occupancies (SRO’s). The property is owned by RDA. It was intended to be a transitional housing facility, however there are some residents who are allowed to stay longer if they are stable and have an income. The rent is $320 / month. There is a waiting list and it is easy to get kicked out for failure to comply with the house rules.

New agenda items:

Area from 200 South – 600 South and from 300 west - 500 West will now be referred to as the “Rio Grande community”

“Tools” project should be back on agenda next week

Clarification that “Tools” project will have a stationary location so the van will not be needed as was stated in previous minutes. Van will be used to take clients to and from meetings, other facilities and/or their jobs.