Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Minutes from Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club                    02/24/17

Pesent: John Shannon M.D. president. Lauren Smith , BSCi, VP, Nancy Freeman BEd secretary

Regrets were received from Mat Minkovitch who sent word via Jeannemarie that he had a more compelling agenda as did Pam Atkinson. Jeannemarie reminded us of Helen Keller’s quote:

“Together we can do much but alone so little.”

Nancy: Ten women are interested in forming a Womens’ Circle of residents. Jeff has been unable to assign a room. The Wiegand Center will be approached.

Lauren. They have been co-operative in the past.

John: I’m concerned about the Mayor Jackie Biskupski’s reversal of the Simpson Ave, purchase and the refusal of interest  the 600 St. S property.

Nancy: I can see where residents , more specifically homeowners would be upset as the behaviour on the street is appalling. Drugs are openly smoked and the filth is unbelievable. More signage, eg. NO TRESPASSING< NO CAMPING< NO LOITERING would  be helpful .

John: What wasn’t helpful in Portland  was an increase in sentencing to create possession of small amounts of marijuana to a felony which could result in a sentence of twenty years.

Lauren: Has someone looked into the signs for St. Patrick’s Day?

John: I was hoping the homeless would do that themselves, Leroy possibly. He has participated in the past. We once met in two other locations where numbers were huge and the crowd was unruly. This new setting is working out well.

Lauren: Is something else in the planning?

John: Marita and Bernie are having a potluck but won’t be in the Parade this year. They will expect a cash donation with our presence.

Furthermore, I have a vision where the homeless will accept more responsibility and contribute to the well being of their community.

Nancy: this is occurring. Wages for the Green team seem acceptable. Street cleaning is continuing as part of President Donald Trump‘s initiative. The police have addressed matters on the Street by St. Vincent’s three times since we last met. The bicycle patrols and security foot patrols have been discontinued.

All were in agreement it would be nice to see them back.

John: we must encourage requests be made by greater numbers which should then produce more effective results. Let’s hope Jackie Biskupski will join us soon. Future invitations should be restricted to Tuesday luncheons. This Friday was an accommodation to Matt Minkovitch and still he didn’t show up.

Nancy: This ove raccommodating has proven unsuccessful with other organizations. Tuesdays it shall be.