Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake City Marching and Chowder Club Minutes                                2/28/17

Club Officers Present: John Shannon MD. President Lauren Smith BSC., VP, Nancy Freeman B.ED, secretary     Guest: PCato No regrets from Mr. Iverson

John: Poverty is the root of the problem along Rio Grande St, not drug dealing. How do we combat it? We are inviting the power people but they are not responding.

Nancy: Create jobs. The Trump initiative has a Green Team street cleaning and hires the homeless. This is a positive start. With the recent war effort opportunities lie with the military.  President Bush spent a lot of money on the war effort. Perhaps President Trump will address job creation.

John: I fear his administration will neglect the working class: the man for example who works two jobs then loses one.

Nancy:  The Wiegand Center and the Road Home  provide a safety net. If we feel there is economic neglect in an area it is our duty to write President Trump and ask for his assistance.

John: The communists addressed poverty successfully and they were a small group when they started.

Cato: This small group should follow this example and could experience the same success.

Lauren: What should I do with Hannah’s contact?

Nancy: Hannah is the volunteer coordinator for the Road Home and wants your photo from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade emailed so she can trace the posters.

John: Too many actions produce few results.

Cato: Staff are perpetuating poverty to protect their own jobs. Nancy It seems that way sometimes, but we must pause when we meet failure then take the next step forward, rather like a rock climber.

Cato: We get poor results because we don’t approach persons with power with clear objectives.

Nancy: We have affected homeless on homeless crime. I counted only eighteen people on the street yesterday. Two incidents of theft were resolved in the Road Home Saturday night by SLPD. Cameras in the women’s dorm have been turned on, resulting in improvement. This group has had a positive impact.

John: I still wish to see more homeless helping themselves and wonder if this is possible.

Perhaps you both can apply for a 501C3 and start a non-profit. (All agreed.)

John” Please contact Gloria re: the parade. I’ll cover the entry fee if we get a good response.