Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club


Marching and Chowder 02/07/17

Present: Dr. John Shannon, President, Lauren Smith, Vice President, Nancy Freeman, Secretary

Bernie and Marita Hart, Tai Chi instructors

Special Guest: Peter Corroon, past mayor of Salt Lake City

General Topic: Solutions to Homelessness

John stated the Rio Grande Community is a community, though a dysfunctional one.

All were in agreement. John led the discussion by identifying the paternalistic attitude

many take towards the homeless themselves and would like to see the homeless take more

initiative in creating solutions. The issue of an approach to a housing solution was addressed by

Peter who stated in Portland the placing of persons from a shelter into apartments had an 80%

success rate. He endorsed Bernie and Marita’s efforts to introduce Tai Chi to the homeless as

Bernie explained how the discipline necessitates thought patterns resulting in movement.

All were hopeful this movement would be in a positive constructive manner. Nancy

commented the health and appearance of participants for the most part has improved

Peter was pleased the Housing Authority and employees at the Emergency side of the

Road Home are addressing placement of homeless individuals and Nancy confirmed progress is

being made, surprisingly more rapidly than one may think. Peter reminded the group that the

Sunrise Manor and other property management sites are screening applicants and actively

taking applications.

Bernie would like to work more closely with persons who frequent the Wiegand Center

to arrange community service with the intention of dissolving warrants.

It was noted however that panhandling in the area has nearly been eradicated and the illegal sales of stolen

bicycles parts seems to have disappeared from the Library site. Bravo to Bernie and Marita!

Discussions on possible sites included the facility across from Deseret Industries Clothing Store

and the topic of decentralization was raised once again. Four smaller, newer facilities are under 
consideration with mandatory services offered by trained professionals in the Wiegand Center..

Feedback from the residents of the Road Home was not supportive of the Sugarland site due to the

displacement of one hundred fifty pre-registered pre-school students parented by local homeowners.