Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club                                                            Minutes 2/9/2016

Prepared by Lauren Smith

John Shannon, SLCMCC President: 

Lauren Smith, SLCMCC Secretary: 

Paul Cato, SLCMCC Sergeant at Arms: 

Douglas Cotant, SLCC Member: 

Steven Rimmer, Road Home resident: 

Dave Robinson, SS Consulting: 

Andy Cier, local business owner: 

Minutes from last week were read and accepted

Treasurer’s report: $17.00 after $19.00 was returned to Andy Cier.

Action Items:

Carl Spitzmacher to write 1 page about “Community Action” group

Action item will be dropped due to Carl’s recent absence from club meetings.

Brad Weischedel to work with Char Mates, Nate Rockwood, Paul Cato and Lana Dalton about getting together a needs assessment

Meeting is scheduled for February 22nd. Carry over to next week.

Char Mates to find out if there is a homeless representative from Jackie Biskupski’s office who will come to our meetings

Lauren Smith to follow up with Community Liaison, Nate Salazar to see if there will be a homeless representative hired in addition to the Homeless Service Coordinator, Liz Buehler.  

Lauren Smith to follow up with Camille Winnie about women’s group.

Done. The first “music and lyrics” session was at the Weigand Center on 2/9/2016 at 3pm. We will continue to meet every Tuesday at 3pm.

Char Mates and John Shannon to follow up with Mr. Kelsch from the Weigand Center to get permission to use space on their campus for “Tools” project (“Tools” project is outlined on our website,

Char will return on 2/15/2016. Carry over to next week

Steven Rimmer to contact labor halls to find out which of their programs or classes are fastest and easiest. Local residents in the Rio Grande community could become employable quickly if they knew which programs were the best to enroll in and attend.
Lauren Smith to post Paul Cato’s business plan to website

I now have it and will post it this week 

New agenda items:

Douglas Cotant paid his $1.00 membership fee. Welcome, Doug!

Dr. John’s creative writing class: They meet Tuesdays at 2pm in the Weigand Center classroom. They have been talking about a newsletter or newspaper by and for the people of the Rio Grande community. “Jason” from the class wants to be the editor.

The possibility of a Slug Magazine podcast will also be explored. Andy Cier has experience with that type of media and says that Steven Rimmer has a great voice for it.