Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club Minutes

Present: John Shannon M.D., President

Lauren Smith B.Sc. Vice president

Nancy Freeman, B.ED. Secretary

Paul Cato: guest


John: Continuing last week’s discussion, we established poverty is the underlying factor of homelessness. While 28% of the

population have drug issues requiring treatment, most need housing and I ask you, what do they all need?

Nancy: Money and support.

John: I can always rely on you to answer! Yes, monetary support. Be specific.

Lauren: A coffee wagon, perhaps a taco stand.

John: Yes, not everyone can hold a job.

Nancy: Some women are crafters. I have seen three women other than myself knit and crochet neck warmers and scarves.

Paul: I would like to establish an affordable residence and am studying business.

Nancy: I have explored a studio which could be shared by three of the tai Chi participants. One feels it is a legal risk. I

disagree. Another, a ballet dancer in transition has yet to contribute his view. We need more information. I’ll continue to

look into this.

John: I want the power people to come and talk to us. They have money and position and may have something to


Lauren: Employment is part of the solution, but there are children to consider as well.

John: What do you think of the decentralization plan?

Nancy: I like it.The neighbors will be positive role models. More signs are needed in the vicinities. It would give the Gateway

a chance to flourish.

NO TRESPASSING, NO LOITERING. VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED. It works for apartment buildings. It could work for the


John: Do we need more police. Nancy: I think so. There was not much attention to the Rio Grande Area during the winter

and now the bicycle officers are out. They could be a little more regular if there were more. Yesterday there was a sheriff

and two police cars. The camping and loitering has been reduced.

A staff member, Sasha pointed out it is not a bad shelter. We have workforce Connection, Case managers and narcotics

anonymous circles. San Francisco has serious problems, burning homeless people while they sleep.

Nancy: In Santa Fe, high school students kicked two homeless men to death. We do have a terrible situation on the

sidewalk, however.

John: Will the wall help?

Nancy: I think not. Save the money and push on the new facilities. The infestation is problematic and the facility has many

issues. It would help to move away from the Gateway Mall to a neighborhood where people do regular things: raise

families, garden, shop for groceries and so on

Nancy: It seems the wall stemmed from a singular traffic violation, a car running into the TRAX stop.

John: Let’s push on the invitations and resume next week.