Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Minutes for Salt Lake City Marching and Chowder              3/7/17

Officers present: John Shannon MD, President, Lauren Smith BSC., Vice president, Nancy Freeman B Ed Secretary Guest : P Cato

Topic : Poverty is the root of homelessness, not necessarily drug abuse. How can we impact Poverty and thus positively influence the Rio Grande area?

P Cato: Why not invite more persons with power.

Nancy: This is continuing. We are working through John’s list and requesting RSVP’s so we have a new guest with each meeting.

John: Parliament is out . I would especially like to see Pamela Atkinson.

Lauren: Have the posters for the St. Patrick’s Day March been located?

Nancy: Dennis K. indicated they are at the Community Connection center.

John: I wonder if crimes, eg. rape  are addressed the same way in the Avenues.

Nancy: Possibly  not. We should all pay our taxes.

John: A prestigious address seems to be held in high regard by the police . Why is this?

Nancy: Possibly because they pay higher taxes.

John: I would like to see the homeless empowered. Uniting, organizing and having a strong leader would assist with this empowerment. The Tai Chi group has had such a positive effect. The Tribune gave this group front page coverage and I would like to see this go national.

Nancy: I’ll contact U.S.A.Ttoday.

John: Time is of the essence with the parade. I will pay the entry but would like to see fifteen participants. What will we advertise if we start anew with posters.

Nancy: Perhaps a lemon poster with Homeless Awareness Keep section 8: Don’t squeeze us out!

Another lighthearted message such as Happy St. Patrick’s Day would be fun.

John: We must decide by next Tuesday or wait for the Gay parade in July.

All were in agreement.

P Cato: I would like to see some landlords invited. How does Habitat for Humanity work.

Nancy: The senator holds a public meeting. Applications are passed out. Volunteer work hours in construction are recorded and the person with the greatest contribution gets the house. In my case a $52000,00 requirement was requested in New Mexico. I could not meet this. A mortgage is set up. I’m not sure about a down payment. I should have continued negotiating.

Nancy: I have looked into a business share for Tai Chi etc. and will provide and address on this and a possible renovation project for a rooming house which could be renovated.