Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club                                                            Minutes 4/27/2016

Minutes recorded and prepared by Lauren Smith

John Shannon, SLCMCC President: 

Lauren Smith, SLCMCC Secretary: 

Bernie Hart, SLCMCC member: 

Gloria Red Bear, Community Voice editor: 

Charlene Albarran, Congress candidate: 

Carl Spitzmacher, SLCMCC Chief Researcher: 

Andy Cier, SLCMCC member:

Reading of 4/13/2016 minutes by Lauren Smith

Action items:

Pride parade – Gloria volunteered to be in charge of the arrangements for the parade. Club members will support her and participate in the march.
Community Voice – continue efforts. Third issue will be published on Monday, May 2nd. Gloria to report on the progress of the publication on Tuesday at creative writing class in the Weigand Center

Note: John clarified what he meant by the term “continuum” in 4/13/2016 minutes -  he was referring to the people in the Rio Grande community. The ones who don’t want change are drug dealers who profit and/or the mean people who take advantage of the weak.

Minutes accepted with action items

Floor turned over to President

No new agenda items

No new action items

General discussion

Post meeting:  President John Shannon would like to thank Gloria Red Bear for her editorship of the Community Voice. He mentioned that feedback is beginning to come in and that all feedback has been positive. John went on to comment about the potential for this publication. He hopes that it will implement changes in the Rio Grande community and it will inform the authorities and general public about the homeless people.