Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club                                                            Minutes 5/11/2016

Minutes recorded and prepared by Lauren Smith

John Shannon, SLCMCC President: 

Lauren Smith, SLCMCC Secretary: 

Gloria Red Bear, Community Voice editor: 

Bernie Hart, SLCMCC member, 

Ali Raafati, SLCMCC member,

Last week’s minutes read and accepted with action items

Treasurer’s report - $16.00, email from Barbara.

Action items:

Lauren to get paperwork turned in for pride parade

Done, John and I went to the parade orientation on May 10th.

LeeRoy and Gloria Red Bear to rally people from the Rio Grande community to march in the pride parade.

Done, Gloria gave me a list of 30 people (on file). LeeRoy and Carlos to help rally more people

John and Lauren to have T-shirts made for marchers.

Done. 7-10 days for delivery

John and Lauren to get old signs together (“HOMELESS MOMS”, “HOMELESS VETS”, etc.) and make new signs about homeless awareness. We will make a big sign that says: ”HOMELESS LGBT YOUTH”

Carry over to next week. John wants to have about 15 signs total.


Community Voice – continue group efforts. In the future, we’d like more than just complaints. For example, we’d like people to write about how they became homeless. Also, John wants to create a dialog that could extend into the general public because there is no dialog now. There is only fear.

Done, we have a story about how someone became homeless in issue #4 (Out on Monday, May 16th).

We have the email address: for public to respond to and we are sending out 100 emails with copies of the voice to individuals who are in decision making positions. Police department was reached out to on May 15th.

Gloria Red Bear to add section in Community Voice about cleaning up the ...dare we say neighborhood (?)

Carry over to next week because section is not in yet. Gloria has been told by multiple sources (Maverick, Sushi restaurant, SLPD, Security & TRAX) that her cleanup efforts are going very well and to keep it up.

New action items

Bernie and Marita to provide meal for marchers after the parade. We will feed them in the library.

Ali to continue talking to people in Pioneer Park. His goal is to help hurting people feel better, not to give more services. He listens to them.

Discussion was centered around what the root cause of the homeless problem is. There are differing ideas. John maintains that the main problem is drugs. Bernie believes that it is not. He thinks it as a “people problem” rather than a “drug problem”. John suggests that the root cause is economic. Bernie doesn’t think so, he thinks it is all about perspective and the clash in perspective between the liberals and the conservatives.

We need to evaluate the way think about and the way we talk about the issues. Is it more important to defend perspectives or to solve the problem?

How much encouragement is too much before we are “doing it for them”?

Even though we all have differing ideas of what the problems are and how they can be helped, we all have the same goal – to help people.

It is great that we have been able to “make contact”. Thank you, Gloria Red Bear.