Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club                                                            Minutes 5/18/2016

Minutes recorded and prepared by Lauren Smith

John Shannon, SLCMCC President: 

Diana Shannon, John’s daughter: 

Lauren Smith, SLCMCC Secretary: 

Gloria Red Bear, Community Voice editor: 

Bernie Hart, SLCMCC member, 

LeeRoy Taito, Community Voice editor assistant: 

Last week’s minutes read and accepted with action items

Treasurer’s report - $17.00.

Action items:

Gloria Red Bear and LeeRoy to make signs for the pride parade.  

Old signs and material to make more dropped off at the Weigand Center. LeeRoy has begun sign making 

Section in “The Voice” about clean-up to be added.

Done. Gloria is adding it to the editor’s section

Bernie and Marita to provide meal for marchers after the parade. We will feed them in the library.

They are planning to cook food for about 30 people the day before the parade.

Lauren to contact Volunteers of America

Done, I spoke with Kathy Bray 5/18/2016. She plans to come to a SLCMCC meeting on June 1st


Minutes accepted with action items

 The “powers that be” can do 2 things only:

Aid. Give more services
Punitive. Hire more police

They have done both and conditions are just as bad. Do the homeless themselves want the community better?

We at The Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club are adamant that change has to come from the homeless themselves. They are beginning to identify their own leaders and the people are starting to become interested and active in what happens in the community.

We discussed “critical mass”.   How many homeless people in the Rio Grande community are needed to “get the ball rolling” towards a better community?

Say there are 1000 homeless people who are rooted in the community. Would 100 be enough to spur change?

Gloria Red Bear has around 40 published stories in “The Community Voice” so far. We have another 10 stories yet to be published. 5 more issues will involve 10% of the people. Gloria will call a meeting when she feels they are ready to make some requests and be heard.

Bernie says that they need to have hope. He believes that the critical mass is the number of people who will show up to march in the parade.  Even if it is only 10 people. We can’t expect them to change the world, but they can make a statement.

Gloria says that people are ready and willing to make a change. They think nobody is listening. What we are doing is waking people up to follow the lead. They need supervision and guidance and they can do good things.

Bernie says there are lots of things to do to get your voice heard. They must be willing to get attention and disrupt the process. There is an example of someone getting her voice heard when a homeless woman named Victoria Ramos bid on BLM land. There were only 2 pieces of BLM land that were sold. One of them was to her. She didn’t have enough money but someone paid for her.

Leeroy thinks that the gay pride parade is a great way to get noticed. He thinks that the people who are leasing the new apartments in the area have no idea how bad things are down there. Leeroy says he had no clue how disgusting it was. He thinks people in new real estate need to get their voices heard that it is gross. They need to be more active in the community.

John wants to help the people who are “stuck”. Our efforts should be to make things better for the people who are there.

Gloria mentioned a meeting of UTA, where they took 2 percent of people off of the streets (for mental health issues). It helped. The next day, she says that people were putting their garbage in the garbage. They are starting to focus on mental health. Next will be drug users, next will be drug dealers. Doctors came, ambulances came, it was very hopeful.

 LeeRoy thinks we are already talking to the few who want change. He says he can’t find anyone else like him. Not even one. He has tried to find people to have a normal conversation with. He thought he found one until they started to talk to a third person. Leeroy was sparked by listening to us at weigand center and “bravely asked to join the conversation”.

Bernie is pragmatic. He wants to start with something that can be done. Find people who want to stay together. Get them hopeful to really make change and the answer will come to them.

Leeroy: Polynesians are “mellow”, so he doesn’t understand how people are constantly using, sleeping, talking, etc. He lived in Australia and says that they do not have shelters.

Gloria Red Bear says that on the reservations, the main problems are alcohol and young suicide. Gloria has joined the community. People are looking for love and looking for life. She says that the values of their grandmothers were lost.

Diana suggested that Working middle and upper class need to be part of the solution.

No new action items

No new agenda items