Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Mniutes: 5/2/17

Present: John Shannon M.D. President Lauren Smith, Vice President, Nancy Freeman, secretary

Paul Cato, guest

Discussion Topic: What is the reason behind the poverty on Rio grande, especially in light of the recent

rapid rehousing movement. John suggested further discussion on this topic.

Nancy: Perhaps the success of Salt lake’s program was spread to other states and out of stste persons

became interested thinking they would be shortlisted and housed quickly.

Lauren: How many of the Road Home’s residents are from out of state?

Nancy: According to a survey done approximately two years ago and posted at the Methodist Church i/2

The guests are not long term Utah residents.

John: More recent statistics show most, likely two thirds have resided in Utah one year or more.

Paul: peple ask me why I don’t work but work is not possible or for everyone.Work is not the only answer.

Lauren” Work would improve conditions for most and increase heir feelings of self worth. I would like to see

the Road Home residents lift their spirits and hope to make the women guests feel more positive about their

potential. Women may have some answers if we could rally.

Nancy: We ran into a bit too much red tape trying to start a women’s circle. Just as problems unsolved

cause feelings of frustration and may lead to depression, hopfully this is not the end result. We have to

pause then continue taking positive constructive steps.

All were in agreement. Comments seemed to support the idea that problem solving in this manner could be

expediated by networking. Homeless helping homeless is preferred to homeless on homeless crime.

Lauren: Doubling up our efforts and networking are positive routes to bringing about positive change for

individuals and the community as a whole.

John: Now it’s time for a question. What is needed to assist with generally improving the area?

Comments revolved around better management of the facilities and it was recognized that a previous guest,

Matt minkovitch, was accountable for fundraising and details were not always released to the public or

necessarily their concern.

John: We have a concern as nearby residents. We would like to the the sidewalk dwelling population

minimized or eliminated.. I feel panhandling is not such a bad thing as individuals who can donate incres

their own feeling of well being having been able to help someone else.

John: Do you know what the financial projection is for the cost of three new Shelters?

Nancy: Twenty-one million.

John: Correct.

Nancy: There must be alternatives.

Paul: if we are able to take over the title of an abandoned house, I would like to see your friend, who had a

cleaning business in California collaborate with us.

The meeting concluded with an invitation to attend the Pioneer Park Coalition’s meeting at 30 S. Rio grande

at 3:30 and the ciy Councils’ open meeting this evening at 7 p.m.

Next week we hope several gusts will respond as after next week we will adjourn for several weeks.