Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club                                                            Minutes 5/4/2016

Minutes recorded and prepared by Lauren Smith

John Shannon, SLCMCC President: 

Lauren Smith, SLCMCC Secretary: 

Gloria Red Bear, Community Voice editor: 

Andy Cier, SLCMCC member: 

Barbara Taylor, SLCMCC Treasurer: 

Leeroy Taito., Road Home resident: 

Reading of last week’s minutes by Lauren Smith

Minutes accepted with action items

New action items:

Lauren to get paperwork turned in for pride parade
Leeroy and Gloria Red Bear to rally people from the Rio Grande community to march in the pride parade.
John and Lauren to have T-shirts made for marchers.
John and Lauren to get old signs together (“HOMELESS MOMS”, “HOMELESS VETS”, etc.) and make new signs about homeless awareness. We will make a big sign that says: ”HOMELESS LGBT YOUTH”
Gloria Red Bear to get picture of her polygamist great grandfather/mothers to use as a background.
Community Voice – continue group efforts. In the future, we’d like more than just complaints. For example, we’d like people to write about how they became homeless. Also, John wants to create a dialog that could extend into the general public because there is no dialog now. There is fear.
Gloria Red Bear to add section in Community Voice about cleaning up the ...dare we say neighborhood (?)


We should discuss: What are the current short term and possible long term benefits for our efforts?

Leeroy will offer his perspective on living homeless and being Polynesian, he is also an artist. 

Carpentry arts and crafts. Can Leeroy help with the “tools” project?

John talked about monetizing. The homeless can produce, exhibit and market arts and crafts. They can sell all of their own merchandise.

Barbara mentioned that there is a big celebration in park after the pride parade. Can we get a booth to sell things that the homeless have made?

Andy suggested that someone go to Michael’s to get wooden boxes for the homeless to paint and sell.

Gloria used to do some beading. She has done jewelry for famous people and is connected with people in Bolivia for supplies

We have to break the walls down so people can get out of homelessness

Leeroy said that he judged people when he first got there. He planned to be there for 2 weeks, tops. He has been there for 3 months now and feels like there is a wall that he is stuck behind. He had a job when he first got there but he lost his job from sickness. He can’t believe he has been there for 3 months and feels like “he is no better than them”

Let’s get some guardians going. The veterans want to do it. They could be on shifts. Gloria Red Bear thinks they would need 30 – 50 and that she could find people who are willing

John doesn’t think that public perspective is correct. He believes that stereotype is wrong because “these are real people”

Gloria Red Bear says that many elderly people have black eyes. She thinks that drugs are doing it

Andy says we need to meet with volunteers of America. Action item for Andy?

LGBT teenagers are being displaced.

Gloria met pioneer park coalition at HOST program 3 years ago.

Gloria Red Bear wonders if “Don’t buy drugs” signs would be helpful, much like “don’t support panhandlers”

John: It is the drug culture that leads economic structure in the area. All principles of economic structure are obeyed. Everything is based off of supply and demand, of which there will always be both. We’re not going to solve the drug problem. We are stuck with the drug problem. He told Gloria Red Bear that it’s not time for the war on drugs yet.

Andy mentioned replacement theory. To replace the drug economy with something else (art, etc.) How do you replace the drug economy?

Andy used to work at west temple and 2nd south and there were panhandlers everywhere, He is now right near the “bad” area and hardly ever gets asked for money.