Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake City Marching and Chowder Club Minutes 5/9/17

President: John Shannon, President Lauren Smith, Vice-President Nancy Freeman, Secretary

Guest: Paul Cato

John Shannon has announced his retirement. Members of the executive and our guest were disappointed but respect his choice

and hope to stay in touch. A future lunch with Fred, a former member who has relocated to Alaska will hopefully bring us

together. Progress over the last six months has been recognized. Leadership has indeed emerged as Gloria ran The Voice, our

newspaper, Brian organized the Underpriveleged Alliance. Carlos was remembered by John for his efforts to start a group.

Bernie and Marita have successfully established Understanding Us with Tai Chi and a ski club. Eight participants now have full

time employment one has part time and and is now a student. Another, Frieda has gone on to take advanced Tai Chi classes

with her daughter, Lupe. Paul Cato is considering the concept of homeownership with tenants. It was recognized that that

becoming a student would establishs an income and raise one’s financial credibility.

The approved and improved co-operation of the police department regarding to offences along the Rio Grande and in the Road

Home should also be recognized.

John: Many citizens at large are afraid of the homeless. I have learned a lot from this experience . Let’s leave Gloria be and

move on to new talents.

Paul: She’s no longer homeless.

Nancy: We enjoy your leadership , John,and hope you take a two week vacation then reconsider returning. I’ll look for Gloria next

week. She just won a settlement and may return after a break.

John: I’m tired and want to shift the focus from this two year look at poverty begin some study.

Lauren: You have done a lot. Your contribution is greater than you realize. We have learned how to avoid group cross talk.

Nancy: In response to your question, John,,Brian appears at the library His group focused on staff misbehavior and was hoping

for change. The focus shifted to co-operation: now he’s trying to raise money.

John: I still would like to see more homeless helping homeless. Poverty is the problem. Drugs and mental illness are merely

components. Let’s look at the concept of homelessness as a culture.

Nancy: That scares me. We have to do certain things to receive food, clothing and shelter. Then we may watch a movie , but I

want to exceed this lifestyle and become self sufficient. Components of culture are good, jewelry making, cooking etc.(Gardening

came up at an earlier meeting.)

Paul: I’ll go along with that. People should be the change they want to see.

John: I’m very disappointed that more city leaders didn’t show up. I miss getting together with Mayor Jackie. She’s so

entertaining. There are members of the homeless poplulation who don’t want change. We could round everyone up and establish

a tent city, but no one wants to live near it. I think the Gateway is making a comeback just the same..

Nancy: You have made so many positive contributions . We have yet to live up to your ideas.

Lauren; We’ve had positive responses from David Carum, Matt Minkevicth, and others.

John; I enjoyed your invitations, Nancy.

Nancy: Thank-you.

John: The Native American, interesting. Membership is one dollar annually. ( Nancy paid up.)

It was suggested the club may resume under a new name with the concept of a going Dutch. In other words each person would

pay for their own.