Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club                                                            Minutes 6/15/2016

Minutes recorded and prepared by Fred Lorenz


John Shannon, SLCMCC President

Gloria Red Bear, Community Voice editor

Lydell Dennison, road home resident

Richard Sander, road home resident

Kristina Eckley, road home resident

Fred Lorenz, SLCMCC Secretary

Peggy Hostetter, SLCMCC Member

Carlos B. Mateo, road home resident

Andy Cier, local business owner

Martin Garza, road home resident

Kathy Moreno, road home resident

Jesse Brooks, road home resident

Kevin Callaway, road home resident

Jenna Destiny, road home resident

Leeroy Taito, road home resident

Bonnie Garcia, road home resident

Bridget, road home resident

Shawn, road home resident

Robert, road home resident


RGHC plans:

Briefly discussed having a Lu’au to help RGHC receive more recognition in homeless community.  Group agreed to start local Narcotics Anonymous group run by homeless and catering to homeless addicts on the Rio Grande St. and 500 West area.  It will be funded by homeless.  Books and chips were ordered using homeless people’s money.  Gloria introduced four guests who shared their stories of homelessness.  Bridget shared what it was like to be homeless in Miami and New York City and Jenna and her husband shared what it was like to be homeless in South Dakota.  The group discussed redesigning The Community Voice, including new artwork, adding homeless resource lists to the end of the newsletter and adding new sections, like a comics section.  Gloria is to pick out Guardians and John will provide a job description to those people.  An idea was brought up for homeless people to teach classes to other homeless people.  Andy will meet the group at 1300 on Friday, 17 June 2016 in Pioneer Park to record people’s stories.

 Attend meeting tonight (15 June 2016) at Leonardo for Site Selection Committee meeting.

Done, attended by John Shannon, Frederick Lorenz, Carlos Mateo, Leeroy Taito, Bernie and Marita Hart

John, Lauren and Fred to meet with Josh Scharman

John to meet with Bernie about food for RGHC Lu’au

Frederick was elected Secretary/Treasurer