Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club                                                            Minutes 7/20/2016

Minutes recorded and prepared by Fred Lorenz


John Shannon, SLCMCC President
Fred Lorenz, SLCMCC Secretary/Treasurer
Lauren Smith, SLCMCC Assistant Secretary
Bernie Hart, SLCMCC Member
Barbara Taylor, SLCMCC Member

Gloria Red Bear, Community Voice editor
Lydell Dennison, road home resident
Richard Sander, road home resident
Carlos Mateo, road home resident
Nikole MacDonald, road home resident
Emily Watson, road home resident

Ryan Klaus, road home resident

Xander Larucci, road home resident

Debra Atkinson, road home resident

Richard Goldberger, News Editor/Concerned Citizen and SLCMCC Member

Nate Salazar, Mayor’s Office

Hildegard Koenig, Mayor’s Office

7/13/2016 Minutes read by Frederick Lorenz

Minutes accepted as read

Treasurer’s report - $17.00

RGHC report:

At this meeting, we had two representatives from the mayor’s office, Nate Salazar and Hildegard Koenig.  They promised that one or both of them will be present at each future meeting.  Due to their presence, several action items were tabled and we discussed a lot of incidents of homeless-on-homeless crime in the Road Home and a rape victim shared her story with us (incidentally, the man that raped her was arrested later that same day).  John discussed an upcoming meeting with Dennis Kelsch from CCS about them declaring CCS a drug free zone.  Several people suggested improvements that could be made at The Road Home.  Richard Goldberger brought up several interesting comments, including that the city should create something like a refugee camp, where bums could set up tents and camp (spots outside of this refugee camp would be illegal for them to camp in), that The Road Home needs multiple layers of security (similar to airports), such as showing ID, having a reason to be there and following a code of conduct, and finally, he suggested we look into the example of the Black Muslims’ community police force.

Action items:

Fred will help Carlos and Gloria get the new printer setup so they can start printing the newsletter before the next meeting (7/27/2016).

Gloria and Carlos (and perhaps other members) will attend the police meeting at the Sorenson Center on 21 July 2016 and give us a report on what went on.  They will also attend several other important meetings in the coming weeks (including one with Dennis Kelsch from CCS on 22 July 2016 to encourage them to declare CCS a drug free zone).

Fred, Richard and Lydell will begin aggressively promoting the Homeless Against Narcotics meeting that begin on Thursday at 1 PM at the Weigand Center.

Fred will continue to work on an RGHC website.  He will solicit feedback on the website at the next RGHC meeting (7/26/2016) and hopes to have it closer to completion by the next SLCMCC meeting (7/27/2016).

Leeroy will continue preparing for the lu’au and will contact the group if he needs any assistance.  He will distribute the flyers to appropriate venues.  Gloria and Leeroy will prepare a written statement telling about the RGHC, who they are, what we have done so far and what we plan to do.  The statement will be read at the lu’au.  They hope to have it done before the next meeting (7/27/2016) so the group can comment on it.

The RGHC members will discuss what to issues to bring up to the Road Home leadership concerning conditions within, and crime occurring in, the Road Home.  This will be done by the next meeting (7/27/2016).  Once this is accomplished, aggressive attempts will be made to contact Road Home leadership about these issues (by Fred), via e-mail, phone or, as a last resort, media-covered protest outside the Road Home itself.

Andy, who was not present at today’s meeting, plans to continue recording people’s stories for his podcasts.

David Litvack, from the Salt Lake City Mayor’s office, promised to contact the Office of Victims and Crime about Richard Goldberger’s suggestion to set up victim assistance task forces in the Road Home and Library and get back to us.  He is also going to provide us more information on nuisance abasement.  Finally, he wishes to assist in facilitating conversation between the homeless and the police.  SLCMCC will interrogate Nate and Hildegard as to how this is coming along.

Gloria will contact Fred after receiving the UTA monthly bus passes for distribution.  This won’t happen until sometime after 24 July 2016.

The RGHC members will discuss topics that they wish the new police liaison Bernie Hart to discuss with police in upcoming meetings.   This is a continuing action item that will be brought up at each meeting.

Related to the last point, the RGHC will discuss methods on how they themselves can educate the homeless to report crimes and develop a strategic plan on how to move forward with this.   This will be done by the next meeting (7/27/2016).

Richard Goldberger codified his thoughts (on slumtels) in the form of a written motion.  He will present it to the group for discussion and signing at the next meeting (7/27/2016).

No new agenda items: