Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club                                                            Minutes 7/27/2016

Minutes recorded and prepared by Fred Lorenz


John Shannon, SLCMCC President
Fred Lorenz, SLCMCC Secretary/Treasurer
Lauren Smith, SLCMCC Assistant Secretary
Bernie Hart, SLCMCC Member
Gloria Red Bear, Community Voice editor
Carlos Mateo, road home resident
Kristina Eckley, road home resident

Nikole MacDonald, road home resident
Emily Watson, road home resident
Ryan Klaus, road home resident

Helen(?) Bowers, road home resident

Brandy Lytle(?), road home resident

Lealynn(?) Carlson, road home resident
Richard Goldberger, News Editor/Concerned Citizen and SLCMCC Member

7/20/2016 Minutes read by Frederick Lorenz

Minutes accepted as read

Treasurer’s report - $17.00

RGHC report:

Neither Nate Salazar nor Hildegard Koenig showed up to today’s meeting.  The SLCMCC expressed its great disappointment in their failure to show up.  The RGHC printer still has not been setup but Fred and Carlos hope to have it done by Thursday, 28 July 2016.  The group discussed The Guidelines for the Peaceful Resolution of Internal Conflict.  There was much debate and the idea was tabled until the next RGHC meeting on 2 August 2016.  John and Lauren discussed what occurred at the Sorenson Unity Center meeting and the meeting with Dennis Kelsch.  In regards to the Sorenson meeting, Lauren said that Hildegard mentioned having a similar meeting at a closer venue that was easier for the homeless to get to.  A number of further homeless-on-homeless crime, Road Home and police issues were discussed.  Bernie agreed to try to contact The Road Home leadership to set up a meeting between them and us.  It was determined that the Homeless Against Narcotics meeting needs better advertisement and the leaders of that program would see that it gets better exposure for its second meeting.  Fred updated us on the progress being made on the RGHC website.

Action items:

Fred will help Carlos and Gloria get the new printer setup so they can start printing the newsletter before the next meeting (8/3/2016).

Fred, Richard and Lydell will begin aggressively promoting the Homeless Against Narcotics meeting.

Fred will continue to work on an RGHC website.  He hopes to have it closer to completion by the next SLCMCC meeting (8/3/2016).

Gloria and Leeroy will provide us with a report on how the lu’au went.

Bernie will attempt to contact The Road Home leadership to set up a meeting for us.

Andy, who was not present at today’s meeting, plans to continue recording people’s stories for his podcasts.

David Litvack, from the Salt Lake City Mayor’s office, promised to contact the Office of Victims and Crime about Richard Goldberger’s suggestion to set up victim assistance task forces in the Road Home and Library and get back to us.  He is also going to provide us more information on nuisance abasement.  Finally, he wishes to assist in facilitating conversation between the homeless and the police.  SLCMCC will interrogate Nate and Hildegard as to how this is coming along.

Gloria will contact Fred after receiving the UTA monthly bus passes for distribution.

The RGHC members will discuss topics that they wish the new police liaison Bernie Hart to discuss with police in upcoming meetings.   This is a continuing action item that will be brought up at each meeting.

Related to the last point, the RGHC will discuss methods on how they themselves can educate the homeless to report crimes and develop a strategic plan on how to move forward with this.

Richard Goldberger codified his thoughts (on slumtels) in the form of a written motion.  Our group will sign it at the next meeting (8/3/2016).

Fred will get in contact with Bernie about forming a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

No new agenda items: