Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club                                                            Minutes 7/6/2016

Minutes recorded and prepared by Fred Lorenz


John Shannon, SLCMCC President

Fred Lorenz, SLCMCC Secretary/Treasurer

Lauren Smith, SLCMCC Assistant Secretary

Gloria Red Bear, Community Voice editor

Lydell Dennison, road home resident

Richard Sander, road home resident

Kristina Eckley, road home resident

Carlos Mateo, road home resident

Kathy Moreno, road home resident

Nikole MacDonald, road home resident

Brigitte Romolerous, road home resident

Paula Golesh, road home resident

Lyndsay Davie, road home resident
Martin Sanchez, road home resident

David Litvack, Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office

Richard Goldberger, News Editor/Concerned Citizen


6/29/2016 Minutes read by Frederick Lorenz

Minutes accepted as read

Treasurer’s report - $17.00.

RGHC report:

John suggested Richard and Lydell should take the lead on the Guardians because they have experienced crime themselves and know how to respond to it (and thus can educate others on the process).  Richard and Lydell will have a new name for the Narcotics Anonymous group before the next meeting (so Fred can print up business cards).  Leeroy was not present at this meeting due to work.  However, efforts will be made to contact him about the Lu’au and how our group can help him prepare for it.  Gloria is picking out dancers and requested we make efforts to arrange our schedules so that we can do a run through before the actual event.  Several members shared information obtained by meetings with the social workers at their store front office on 500 W 200 S, the HOST meeting and a meeting with Camille Winnie.  Several victims of homeless-on-homeless crime (including theft, assault and rape) were brought in.  The victims were questioned as to how their cases were handled by the police.  Richard Goldberger, a concerned citizen, brought up several interesting suggestions such as setting up a victim’s assistance taskforce in the Road Home and Library to assist victims of crimes in receiving their due benefits and closing down and repossessing “slumtels” (low-rate motels that typically harbor criminal activity) to use for housing the homeless, among other things.  David Litvack from the Salt Lake City Mayor’s office responded to Richard’s suggestions.  Gloria mentioned several interesting things, including talks with The Inn Between to provide hospice for the homeless, UTA providing monthly bus passes to our group and for the weak amongst us, like the blind, disabled, etc and that Andy will bring concert tickets.

Action items:

Barbara Taylor is to send a $17 check to Fred (or John or Lauren) to recover the missing treasury funds.


Richard and Lydell will have a new name for the Narcotics Anonymous group before the first meeting on 11 July 2016 so that Fred can get business cards produced for the group.


Fred and Carlos will begin work on an RGHC website.  We plan to have a start on it before the next meeting (7/13/2016).


Fred will contact Leeroy (who was not present at today’s meeting due to work) about how the RGHC can assist him on preparing for the Lu’au.  Gloria will pick out some dancers.

The RGHC members will discuss what to issues to bring up to the Road Home leadership concerning conditions within, and crime occurring in, the Road Home.  This will be done by Tuesday, 12 July 2016.  Once this is accomplished, aggressive attempts will be made to contact Road Home leadership about these issues, via e-mail, phone or, as a last resort, media-covered protest outside the Road Home itself.


Andy, who was not present at today’s meeting, plans to continue recording people’s stories for his podcasts.

David Litvack, from the Salt Lake City Mayor’s office, promised to contact the Office of Victims and Crime about Richard Goldberger’s suggestion to set up victim assistance task forces in the Road Home and Library and get back to us.  He is also going to provide us more information on nuisance abasement.  Finally, he wishes to assist in facilitating conversation between the homeless and the police.


Gloria will contact Fred after receiving the UTA monthly bus passes for distribution.


No new agenda items: