Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club                                                            Minutes 8/10/2016

Minutes recorded and prepared by Fred Lorenz


John Shannon, SLCMCC President
Fred Lorenz, SLCMCC Secretary/Treasurer
Lauren Smith, SLCMCC Assistant Secretary
Gloria Red Bear, Community Voice editor
Martin Sanchez, road home resident
Carlos Mateo, road home resident
Richard Goldberger, News Editor/Concerned Citizen and SLCMCC Member
Brian Watson, road home resident
Brigitte Romoleroux, road home resident
Paula Golesh, road home resident
Nikole MacDonald, road home resident
Lealynn, road home resident
Monica Mason, Road Home employee
Mike Young, Road Home employee
Hildegard Koenig, SLC mayor’s office
Wendy Isim, Victim Advocate SLCPD
Lana Dalton, Social Work Manager SLCPD
Andy Cier

8/3/2016 Minutes read by Frederick Lorenz

Minutes accepted as read

Treasurer’s report - $17.00

RGHC report:

Fred announced that he will be pursuing his intentional community idea on his own.  He has picked up a number of hours at work in order to save money to achieve this goal, and, as a result, he is cutting back on his commitments to the RGHC and SLCMCC clubs.  He announced his resignation as treasurer and secretary of the SLCMCC and as secretary of the RGHC and surrendered the SLCMCC treasury funds to Lauren.  The printer has been setup and copies of the latest edition of the newsletter have begun coming off the presses.  Fred gave a brief update on the work being done on the website.  Our Road Home representatives were present to discuss a few points in a list of issues that had been e-mailed to them prior to the meeting.  Mike and Monica told us to contact Benita Flores to schedule a meeting with her to discuss our issues.  Wendy Isim was present to tell us about her role as victim advocate of the SLCPD.  She relayed valuable information on benefits available to a victim.  She talked with Richard Goldberger about a few of his concerns related to a victim’s bill of rights.  Richard was also able to discuss his tent city idea with Hildegard.

Action items:

Carlos will ensure that the next newsletter is put together in a timely manner and distributed to locations frequented by the homeless.

Fred will continue to work on an RGHC website.  He hopes to have verified existing (as well as added new) information to the homeless resources section by the next SLCMCC meeting (8/17/2016).

RGHC members will discuss the lessons learned from the lu’au and talk about future recruitment efforts at Tuesday’s RGHC meeting (8/16/2016).  If it does not get completed then, it really ought to be discussed in the SLCMCC meeting, given its importance to the future of the club.

We will bring up new, as well as revisit old, issues concerning the Road Home with our Road Home representatives.  We will schedule a meeting with Benita Flores as well.

Andy plans to continue recording people’s stories for his podcasts.
-    He will record Carlos’ story by the next SLCMCC meeting (8/17/2016).

David Litvack, from the Salt Lake City Mayor’s office, promised to contact the Office of Victims and Crime about Richard Goldberger’s suggestion to set up victim assistance task forces in the Road Home and Library and get back to us.  He is also going to provide us more information on nuisance abasement.  Finally, he wishes to assist in facilitating conversation between the homeless and the police.  SLCMCC will interrogate Nate and Hildegard as to how this is coming along.
-    Hildegard is to let us know when David Litvack plans to return to our meeting.

Richard Goldberger will commit his ideas to writing to present to the Road Home (secure zone around and in the Road Home, to combat drugs and crime), the mayor’s office (tent city, slumtels) and the SLCPD’s victim’s advocate (a victim’s bill of rights).

No new agenda items: