Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Date: 9/15/15
Start: 12:16pm
End: 1:09 pm
Meeting commence: All said aye 2:16pm
Funds available: $5.00
Motion to appropriate $1.50 for flags, All said aye,
Slogan/Mission objective sheets were passed out to attendees
Role sheet passed out

John Shannon, President of SLCMCC
Charlotte Mates, Vice President of SLCMCC
Lauren Smith, Secretary of SLCMCC
Barbara Taylor, Treasurer of SLCMCC
Elizabeth Buehler, Homeless Services Coordinator of Salt Lake City
Catherine Birch, NAMI Representative in Davis County
David Holbrook
Whitley Howard

City (County too?) currently working on 3 main housing issues:
1)      “House 20” The 20 individuals who are in most need will be housed immediately
2)      The “facilities commission”
3)      300  “permanent support housing units”, 50 of which are for single mothers
                      (program is 3 years out)

Salt Lake City:
2 drug squads employed, buyers and sellers under suspicion
350 bins to store belongings, 150 are occupied
Shopping cart roundups and petty crime enforcement in motion now
Construction is beginning for public restrooms to “Portland Loos” to discourage public defecation

Josh Sharman: employment representative

Police Chief over HOST program: Mark Brown:

Bureau is expanding their office, 8 new social workers are being hired
                Officers: Brandi Palmer
                                  Mike McKenna

County: “Collective Impact”
                Shaleane Gee 

Helpful people (among many others):
Gina Lopez & Kathy Scott weigand center
Cassie at rescue mission