Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Salt Lake City Marching and Chowder Club minutes from 9/22/2015
Meeting commence: All said aye 12:16pm
Minutes recorded by Lauren Smith

Attendees: John Shannon (President of SLCMCC), Char Mates (Vice President and Project Manager of SLCMCC), Lauren Smith (Secretary of SLCMCC), Maryann Martindale (representing Jackie Biscupski), Cree McNulty (representing Nate Salazar)

Mission objective:
“Our goal is to enable the homeless to advocate for themselves by using existing public services to improve their community through empowerment”

Treasurer, Barbara Taylor has $3.50 left from membership dues

Mission objective sheets were passed out to attendees

Role sheet passed out 

The name “Marching and Chowder” was chosen to keep the conversation light even though the “homeless” problem is a very serious problem.

 We are concerned that problem will expand to other districts. There is a much bigger problem that just Rio Grande

 People in the “homeless” community are starting to realize and acknowledge the problems. They are ready for a change.

 2 main business matters:
1)    Flags for  200 south & Rio Grande (to start, Mike Berry expected to sign for flags)
2)    Advocate for the “homeless” to vote (they can use Road Home as their address)

Ballot box already at the Crossroads Urban Center, would like to place 5 more at
The Rescue Mission, 4th Street Clinic, Weigand Center, Road Home and HOST headquarters

Portland Loos near St. Vincent de Paul

Shalene Gee: County homeless coordinator

 Action Items:

Char to contact Michael Berry from city

Char to ask organizations above about allowing ballot boxes (Can we ask the County to install silver boxes later?)

Meeting adjourned: none said nay1:16pm