Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Meeting Minutes from The Salt Lake City Marching and Chowder Club                                   9/29/2015 recorded by: Lauren Smith

Begin 12:00 


President, John Shannon;

Vice President, Charlotte Mates;

Secretary, Lauren Smith;

Catherine Birch, NAMI Davis County;

Rodney Morehead a "homeless" individual (801) 637-8279, 

Charlotte's Report: 
Voting boxes from county clerks office placed at:
   1) Cross Road Urban Center
   2)  HOST
   3) Weigand Center

  Charlotte will check with Cassie at Rescue Mission to see if we can place one there.

Boxes will be picked up on October 10th and taken to County Clerk's office.

Flags to be positioned on the intersection of 200 South & Rio Grande

When Charlotte went to get the flags, the Street Department did not charge for them. 

We will work with Jackie Biscupski and Nate Salazar about what the next step for the flags 

Lauren's Report (acting as interim Treasurer)
On hand: $5.00

Excerpt from Pioneer Park Coalition literature:

"Move to a culture of transformation (versus the old culture of warehousing). Homeless individuals must be engaged and no longer enabled. Everybody within the service delivery system (e.g. general, public, media, elected politicians, appointed officials, board, staffs and volunteer's of service agencies and most importantly the homeless themselves) must embrace a culture of transformation. A culture that through the help of others homeless individuals can transform and integrate themselves back into society. For moral and fiscal reasons homeless must become unacceptable condition that is not tolerated in the USA". 

We at The Salt Lake City Marching and Chowder Club view this opinion as a fantasy that will never be a reality. The "homeless" problem will never go away entirely. But the situation can definitely improve. The action that needs to be taken is to open up communication lines between law enforcement and government entities, service organizations, clergy, social workers and "homeless" individuals.


Jackie Biscupski's fund raiser 9/30/2015 6:00pm - 8:00pm
1100 East & 2200 South (Kimi's restaurant)

University of Utah Medicaid meeting 10/1/2015 6:00 pm
260 South Central Campus Drive 

Open Discussion:
Our guest Rodney is a very spiritual man. He is on a mission to help people to get closer to Jesus Christ. He believes the only way to tackle the problem is for people to choose to go with God.  John asked him if he needed anything from us and he said he only needed our prayers. I think that's pretty cool. Rodney also suggested the great idea of handing out T-shirts.

It is time to take action! The situation should no longer be treated like a hot potato. No more "tail tucking", everybody needs to get to work if this is to work!Type your paragraph here.