Salt Lake Marching and Chowder Club

Minutes October 27, 2015

Recorded by: Lauren Smith


SLCMCC President, John Shannon

SLCMCC Secretary, Lauren Smith;

SLCMCC Member & Davis County NAMI representative, Catherine Birch;

Visitor and University Student, Nate Rockwood;

SLC District 4 Candidate, Nate Salazar;

Artist and local business owner, Jason “Seven” Olsen;

Nate Salazar is a social worker who was a case manager

There are 9 sub groups among the homeless population


Families with children

Women with children (they are often left homeless as a result of Domestic Violence)


Individuals homeless by choice

Chronic homeless

Temporary homeless


Men (criminal/non-criminal)

Statistic approx. 73% homeless experience mental illness, domestic violence or other barriers to stable housing

We have a lot of silo type work being done from different service groups developing different plans there is strength in numbers and service groups should band together to eliminate competition for federal grants and limited resources

We need to break down the silo groups by getting everyone together and sharing data

We need to put egos aside and work on collective impact by strategic planning

It would be a good first step to get a MOU contract (Memorandum of Understanding)

“Housing first” took 10 years to come together

Fast track same day voter registration

$51 million from the county’s budget

What makes up a community and where are the leaders?

We need to look at each sub population differently

Homeless suggests housing would fix the problem

Group of people who may not be happy, but they get by

We can provide programs, we can add stability

The homeless need to be involved personally

It’s ignorant to not involve the people who we are trying to help

How do we get them motivated?

Jason is a drug court graduate who has been sober for 5 years. His motivation is his son.

The City has the opportunity to give drug users a treatment option instead of jail.

The war on drugs will not end. We have been trying to make it work for 100 years.

If we drive the dealers out of the gateway district, they will just move on to sugarhouse

Religion can help. John asks again: where are all of the “Jesus Boys”?